How to make money on online poker?

People who have never played poker think that they know everything about it. They are sure that poker is a game of chance, in which everything depends on luck, and the poker players are people who will sooner later lose their last money. This is confirmed by the experience of my friends who have lost huge sums, albeit on slot machines.

Interestingly, the commonplace view is not meaningless: 90-95% of players constantly lose money, and it is very difficult to start earning on online poker.

Why it is possible to earn on poker

  • In the short run, poker depends on luck.
  • But in the long run, the players’ skill becomes a decisive factor.

All poker players get both good and bad cards. But the experienced players are able to win more with strong combinations and lose less with the weak ones. They know the situations to use a bluff better. Over 1000 hands, this “better” turns into thousands and millions of dollars.

For example, take a look at a graph of a specific professional:

Playing a little better than your opponents is not enough to earn poker online. Poker rooms take payment (“rake”) for their services. Over time, it turns into a significant expenditure. Some players win money from the rivals, but in the end they play into the red or zero due to rake. You must be not only stronger than the opponents, but also cover the rake costs.

You can play for fun, and in this case, poker is a more intelligent choice than slot machines and roulette. But the only option for a stable income on poker is to become a professional.

How to become a professional poker player?

Players don’t become professionals instantly. Making money on poker is a talent, discipline, emotion control and willingness to learn. We will tell you about things necessary for systematic earnings on idn poker.

Choice of game

The main choice is to play cash or tournament poker.

Cash is a classic game of chance. The most popular type of game is Texas Hold’em. It has simple rules, so Hold’em is suitable for beginners. They say Hold’em can be learned in a minute, but you may not become a professional in a lifetime. In cash games, players can leave the table at any moment.

Meanwhile, the poker tournaments last a few hours, and leaving the table is amounted to a loss. The main advantage of tournaments is an opportunity to win the sum that is hundreds of times higher than the participation fee – “buy-in”.

Money management

Poker capital is called bankroll. This may sound strange, but the competent bankroll management is more important for a poker player than table games.

Even if a poker player gambles for fun, with the right money management, he/she will lose less, have time to gain experience and, possibly, learn something.

In the short term, poker main depends on luck. If the player doesn’t have a money supply, several unsuccessful distributions may deprive him of bankroll even with a good game.



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