Skill in poker galaxy: how to evaluate it?

At the beginning of their path, poker players are often misled.

Successful career start can lead to overestimation of your skills.

– The player switches to high limits too early and stops working on his/her skill.

– Or vice versa: a person loses hand after hand and believes that he/she is too bad, although it’s all about bad luck.

-The poker player who wants to avoid such mistakes must be able to adequately evaluate his/her skills. The text below is designed to help you with it.

What should you know?

Skill in poker galaxy is an ability to accurately assess the ranges of opponents and your own range and adapt your game in order to make the biggest profit.

They key concepts for evaluating your skill are distance and dispersion.

Distance is a number of hands or tournaments played by the gambler. The bigger the distance, the more accurately your result corresponds to your skills. At a distance of 50 hands, the one who is more fortunate usually wins. But after a million hands, only the one who plays well will be in the black.

Dispersion in poker republik is a deviation from the expected result that has to do with luck. The fewer hands were played, the higher the role of dispersion in the outcome of the game. At a distance of 5.000 hands, two players with the same skill can show very different results. To prevent this, you should comply with the bankroll management rules.

What should you ignore?

The players often make judgments about their skills based on non-essential factors. Let’s learn more about them.

Results in the short run

If you played less than 20.000 hands in cash or less than 1.000 tournaments in MTT, while the results will hardly say anything about your level. Such distance can be considered minimum for at least subtotals. More serious conclusions about the level of skill can be made after 100.000 hands or 5.000 tournaments, but they will be far from definitive, especially in MTT.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be too happy or upset about the results of 500 hands. Better focus on the quality of your hands.

Emotions about the results

Arrogance and humiliation related to the results, the pain of loss and the joy of victory — all this interferes with both playing and evaluating your game. If these or other similar emotions had arisen, you should neither ignore them nor let them control you. If necessary, feel free to end the session. Remember: the main thing is the quality of poker 88 game.

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