Is Royal Panda legal in India?



Gamblers in India have been in a chaotic situation. Gambling in India is mostly considered illegal, although it has been a subject which is open to interpretation. True, nobody wants to break the law, but why are you here then? Do you want to try your luck at gambling, but cannot do so since someone said that it’s illegal? Is panda legal in India? Calm down; we are here to answer all your questions.

Well, not to provoke, but are you aware that the gambling business has been flourishing in India in recent times? Millions of Indians are playing casino games, betting on sports and are trying their luck at state lotteries. The future of Indian gambling industry is bright owing to the pace at which it has been flourishing. This article has everything that you need to know about gambling in India. So, instead of twirling in the web of your thoughts, read this article.

A brief look into the Indian online gambling industry

Indian gambling is highly restricted except when it comes to horse racing and lotteries. However, with time, Indians have started making cash bets over gambling and betting, which are supposedly prohibited. Now, casinos can be mostly found in Goa, Sikkim and Daman. In 2013, the state of Goa earned revenues of Rs.135 crores from its casinos. In the same year, according to the reports of the Economic Times, almost 30% of the plane passengers to Goa were gamblers. There are a lot of online gambling sites like Royal Panda and LeVegas. So, is royal panda legal in India? Is LeoVegas legal in India? Keep reading.

However, Goa, Sikkim and Daman are the only states which allow gambling and also have the most number of Casinos. There are ten casinos in Goa, and six of them are floating casinos. Dreamy, is it not? Sikkim has two casinos. According to the News reports, Visakhapatnam will soon have its casino.

Royal Panda is one of the most eminent gambling websites, but is royal panda legal in India? Keep reading to know more. Come on, keep reading.

Poker, Casino and Sports Betting are treated differently.

The most important thing right now is to know the difference between poker, casino and sports betting. Yes, they are not the same.

Casino games and betting are dependent on luck, but poker is all about your brilliant skills. It is complicated to find local casinos, but you can find a lot of poker companies in India. However, you can find online casinos. So, is royal panda legal in India? We will answer that later, but it is one of the most available means.

On the other hand, you find a lot of poker sites like Spartan Poker, Poker Baazi, PokerStars India and so on.

You must be thinking as to where these sites operate from. Well, there are a lot of offshore jurisdictions such as Cyprus, Malta and so on. Some of these have UK licenses as well.

So are online casinos and sports betting legal in India?

We have been religiously following the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which was the first law that prohibited gambling in India. The Public Gambling Act of 1976 declared that casinos could be set up only at offshore vessels and five-star hotels if the government permits it. Is panda legal in India? Well, let me tell you that since there has been no mention of online gambling in the Public Gambling Act, let’s just say that online gambling is legal in India. Bingo!

However, in the Indian state of Bombay, online gambling is a banned offence as declared under “Bombay Wager Act”. If you have been caught gambling online, you will have to pay a repercussion of Rs. 90,000. But why is the royal panda a safe website then? Is royal panda legal in India? It’s not, but we assure you that you won’t get caught.

Do you want to know if the casinos are legal in India? Well, the answer to this question is both a yes and a no. To know and understand why it is so, you can go through the Federal Gambling Law in general. Also, bonus information – many online forums in India have been persuading the government to declare online gambling legal in India.

What are the biggest online casinos in India?

The biggest online casino in India, at present, is the LeoVegas Group. Two topmost brands of LeoVegas Group are Royal Panda and LeoVegas which appear on all gambling sites.

Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) operates, which is another biggest gambling site in India. The Stockholm stock exchange showcases both LeoVegas Group and GIG, which means that these are not only useful but also safe options for the players. This also makes them the only legal casinos in India.

Gambling Advertising in India

Gambling-related advertisements are quite famous and prevalent in India. However, the ads are limited to banners displayed on websites, preferably the ones which are not from India.

This is mainly because Indian webmasters generally abide by the legal rules and laws. Lack of proper regulation which is again a result of sentiments related to rule-breaching, is another reason why these are limited to just banners. Very often, they are swayed by the question – “is casino legal in India?”

Poker has its advantages, though. Poker sites very often advertise their respective companies on billboards, social media platforms and even on TV and in newspapers. A famous advertisement in India also featured the biggest number of poker wins that was ever recorded. This particular ad was viral all over the media platforms and not just that; it also made millions of gamblers in India sign-up to the poker websites.

Is online poker legal in India? Well, they are everywhere, and that is only because they have been legalised. So, obviously. They are also really popular.

Going forward

You must be thinking what exactly is the future of Indian gambling industry. Although it will take at least a decade to formally and outrightly contribute to the formal Indian economy, due to the tight rules and regulations, it still has a bright future ahead.

Whatever it is, we still consider that the online casino in India is legal.

The Indian government does not intend to care about the already set rules and regulations, not anytime soon, no matter how much revenue it generates. However, things will change within a decade, and perhaps we do not have to carry on with the universally Indian question “Is gambling legal in India?”! We assume that sports betting, to say the least, will be legalised after ten years.

Indians are quite fond of betting on cricket. Of course, the Indian government generates a lot of revenue from it. We can assure you that they will also formally include it and legalise it. Within a span of a few years, online gambling in India will rule over the world of gambling. Very soon, we will get to know that the online casino is legal in India.


Gambling in India is taking its baby steps. Undoubtedly, it has overshadowed almost all the countries, despite not enjoying a legal status. Presently, Goa, Daman and Sikkim shelter some of the best well-known casinos in the world. Visakhapatnam is all set to have the very first casino in the state. We are progressing, India is progressing, and so is the online gambling industry in India. Very soon, we will get to know that online gambling is legal in India.  Let’s hope for the best!


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